How to Change Predictive Dialer Caller ID Settings

When it comes to your Caller ID, you have two different types of them.

1) Your Predictive Dialer Campaign Caller ID

2) Your Manual/Direct Dial Caller ID

Predictive Dialer Caller ID

When your agents are making calls from the campaigns that you have created, allowing the dialer to make the calls for them, then the Caller ID that shows up on your leads phone display, is the Caller ID that you placed in your Campaign settings.

You set this up when you create the campaign, however you can change it whenever you want by clicking on the Edit Properties Icon associated with the Campaign you want to change.

After clicking on that, you will see a pop up window, shown below.

You can then change the caller ID name and number for the campaign.

The Caller ID Name can only be alpha characters, and the Caller ID Number can only be numbers.

Please note: If the provider of the caller ID number already has a caller ID name associated with the number, that is the Caller ID Name that will show up on the display. We can not guarantee carriers pass along this information correctly to the end user's phone because it is out of our control..

The Caller ID Number must be numeric, and can be entered without parenthesis or hyphens.

You can enter the ten digit number like this, 6303500115 and the dialer will automatically format it.

When you have completed making your changes, click Save Campaign.

Now when your agents log in, they will be able to see the campaign as one of the selections to chose to dial out on in their Home Tab.

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