How to View Agent Reports

When your agent logs into the dialer, they have a few reports that they can run to see how they are doing.

On the Home Tab, agents have three reporting features.

1) Global Phone Search

If the agent knows the phone number of the lead that they would like to search for, they can enter it here and click "Go"

Once they click Go, they will see a list of all the times they have tried calling that lead at that phone number.

The agent can then click on the icon that looks like an eye, which is to the left of the Phone number in the results box, and that will take the agent back to the Contact View Tab, showing the information about that lead, what the disposition was, and any notes that were made and saved into the dialer.

2) My Stats

On the Home Tab, the agent can simply select the time period, Today, This Week, Month and so on, or they can enter a specific date range.

Once they click "Get" the dialer will display that agent's dial out information.

The agent can see how long they were logged on in relation to how long they were talking to leads.

They can see how many calls they had, and what the dispositions on those calls were.

This report only shows the data for the specific agent that is logged in.

Agents check this report to see if they are meeting a quota, or to see the results of a personal goal that they might have set.

3) Display Agent Productivity

On the lower right corner of the Home Tab, there is a link called "Display Agent Productivity"

From there, your agents have the ability to see what the entire call center has done and what specific agents, including themselves, have accomplished.

This pop up report also allows agents to select the time period, Today, This Week, Month and so on, or they can enter a specific date range.

Once they click on "Get" their results will be shown.

4) List View Tab

This reporting feature works the same as Global Phone Search, but it also allows agents to not only view and edit the leads information, they can also call the lead from here.

This is also where any leads that are assigned to the agent from another agent, will appear.

To find out more about the List View Tab, Click HERE.

5) Export Tab

If you want your agent to be able to run reports on the leads that they are calling, they will need to have the Export Tab enabled from the Admin Tab.

From this tab, your agent is able to run reports that are based on dispositions.

Once the agent places a check mark next to the disposition(s) that they want to view in the report, the agent then needs to make sure that the email address that the report is being sent to, is correct.

When they are ready to have the report sent, they need to click on "Export Now" and that will allow the dialer to create the report and then it will send that report to the email stated.

The report will come as a link, so it may show up in your bulk or spam folder, depending on your spam settings.

The Export Tab combines all campaigns and does not separate them, if it is required that the report be done on a specific report, then the admin needs to run a campaign report.

Please Note: The Export Tab will only export data for which ever admin that is logged in running the report. If reports from another agent are needed, then that agent will need to log into their account and run this report from their Export Tab.

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