How to Place a 3 way call

When in agent is on a call, they have the ability to place a 3 way call.

This function is also used when agents wish to place a "warm transfer".

To do a "cold transfer" click here for information on transferring calls.

To place a 3 way call from the contact view screen, the agent must first be on a live call.

Then they will need to click on the "3-Way" button then enter in the number they wish to dial.


When the agent utilizes this feature, the agent and the lead will remain on the line live, the dialer never places the lead on hold.

If no one answers the three way call, the agent can simply click on the 3-way button again to try to connect with another party.

At this time, the lead is still never placed on hold, they are still on the call with the agent live.

Once the third party answers, the agent can either stay on the line, or the agent can hang up by clicking in the Hangup icon within the dialer.

The lead and the third party will remain on the line and will not be terminated from the call.

The agent can disposition the call, and continue.

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