How to Upload an Abandon Message

When the dialer reaches a lead and it can't transfer them to one of your agents because they are all on calls, or if you have an inbound number set up and someone calls, but all of your agents are on other calls, you can set up an abandon message before the dialer drops them.

You will need to be logged in as an administrator, and go to the Campaigns Tab.

From there, click on the campaigns "Add or Update Message" icon.

That opens a new window.


To add a sound file, click on "Add a Sound File"

This will open another pop up window.

Within this window, all you need to do is give it a name, a brief description and tell the dialer how they would like to upload their sound file.

You can either upload it via a wave file from your computer, or you can have the dialer call you and record it over the phone.

If the you would like the dialer to call you to record it over the phone, then you will need to input a phone number that the dialer can call you at as soon as you click on Add Sound.

Once you enter your phone number and click on Add Sound the dialer will call you and start recording on command.

Once the call is completed, if you are satisfied, you simply need to click on "Add Sound".

To use that recording as your Abandon Message, click on "Set as Abandon Message"

Then click on "Copy Sound Files to Campaign"

Now the dialer will play that message to leads, before they are dropped.

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