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  1. Admin Tools 

    1. How to Export CDR
    2. How to run Campaign Reports
    3. How to Display Graph Stats
    4. How to Listen to Recordings
    5. How to Manage Your Do Not Call List (DNC)
  2. Agent Tools 

    1. How to Find Previous Call Data
    2. What is the List View
    3. How to Make a Manual Dial
    4. How to Place a 3 way call
    5. How to Schedule Callbacks
  3. Connections 

    1. How to change the dialer connection
    2. How to use the Dial In Method
    3. How To Configure X-Lite
    4. How to Configure The Dial Out Method
    5. How to Install and Configure Zoiper 5 on a Windows Computer

    1. How to Install X-Lite Softphone
  5. Email 

    1. How to Create and Send Emails From the Dialer
    2. How to Merge Fields in Emails
  6. FAQ 

    1. What is a Softphone?
    2. What are the internet speed requirements?
    3. What are the PC requirements?
    4. Why do my pie charts seem wrong?
    5. What are the MAC requirements?
  7. Getting Started 

    1. How to Get Started on Hosted Dialer
  8. Glossary 

    1. Home Tab
    2. List View Tab
    3. Contact View Tab
    4. Settings Tab
    5. Admin Tab
  9. Inbound 

    1. How to Set an Agent Not Available Message
    2. How to Create an Inbound Only Campaign
    3. How to Set up Inbound Numbers
  10. Integration 

    1. How to Configure CRM Integration
    2. How to Add a Web Form Link
  11. Q&A 

    1. What does "Unable to Connect due to FCC Error Rate" mean?
  12. Troubleshooting 

    1. Why Can't I Upload Leads
    2. Why Can't My Customers Hear Me
    3. Why Are My Leads Gone
    4. What does 404 Registration Error mean
    5. What does 408 - Request Timed Out mean
  13. Voice Broadcasting 

    1. What is Voice Broadcasting
    2. How to Create a Voice Broadcast Campaign
    3. How to Create Voice Broadcasting Surveys & Polls
    4. How to Manage Voice Broadcasting DNC List
    5. How to View Voice Broadcasting Call Details
  14. upload 

    1. How to Upload an Abandon Message
    2. How to Save Leads in CSV Format
    3. How to Upload a Pre-Recorded Message
    4. How Do I Upload Leads To My Dialer
    5. How to Play a Message to Live Answer
  15. Admin Settings 

    1. How to Add a Phone Book Entry
    2. How to Create a New Campaign
    3. How to Create Custom Dispositions
    4. How to Create Custom Fields
    5. What is a Predictive Dialer
  16. Agent Settings 

    1. How to Change the Time Zone
    2. How to Create Scripts
    3. How to Edit Agent Permissions and Privileges
    4. How To Begin Placing Calls
    5. How to Change Manual Dial Caller ID Settings
  17. Reports 

    1. How to View Admin Reports
    2. How to View Agent Reports
    3. How to Save Notes
    4. How to Sort Reports By Date
  18. All articles 

    1. How to Upload an Abandon Message
    2. How to View Admin Reports
    3. How to change the dialer connection
    4. How to Configure CRM Integration
    5. Dropped Calls
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